Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Digg 3.0 Update!

I was excited to see if Digg was running abit smoother today - the Cloud option which was problematic yesterday was going to be on the top of my list to try out. Unfortunately its not there - Perhaps the Digg team decided to work on that a little more before others try using it just to have it freeze up.

So moving on to the other Digg news, I was a little bothered by the fact that I had to log in to my Digg account in order to view some stories, I searched to see if others were complaining as well, and of course they were. Unfortunately I found plenty of complaints regarding the "required user registration" for those who weren't registered already, seemed unnecessary just to be able to view all the stories, but not to worry thats a temporary 'requirement'. Bloggers / critics were not pleased to see that Digg was using this tacky-tactic in what seemed to be a method to bump up their numbers of registered users; thankfully today the Digg Staff has assured us that this is only necessary during the "beta" phase of the 3.0 release. Once the "bugs are squashed" the beta status will be lifted along with the required registration. In the meantime the Technology section is still open for viewing as always.

So all in all it seems to be the same ol' Digg with the exceptions of minor tweaks and a long awaited topic expansion! All I'm waiting for now is the Cloud View to kick in, exciting isn't it!

Also check out the Digg podcast!

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