Monday, June 26, 2006

Digg This!

YES!!!! Digg 3.0 is finally out! For those of us who couldn't wait for the much anticipated improvements the wait is finally over!

Diggs Improvements:
  • Biggest noticeable change is in the interface - Navigation is on the left and tabs on the right
  • Finally NEW topics - No longer just tech related!
  • Cloud View option - easy to see whats popular at a glance.

Unfortunately due to many unsuccessful tries, I can not further explain whats great or not so great regarding Diggs 3.0 release - For now it seems as if the site, more specifically the Cloud view is causing windows to shut down; so far then I'd have to say I'm not Diggin that viewing option. Oh well hopefully tomorrow it will be running smoothly.

For now I suppose the 'Tech Fanatics' will have to come up with better negative comments for stories that are "Not Tech related" before trying to bury them. Hopefully the new topics will created a greater popularity amongst web users and I will no longer have to hear another person say "Whats Digg? I've never heard of that" again.

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