Wednesday, June 21, 2006


BlueDot.Us is another Social Bookmarking site with abit more "emphasizes" on aggregator abilities. Yes like other sites you are able to save favorites, invite friends and familys to join your network, explore other networks and hopefully be introduced to other sites you'll find interesting. Complete with customizable profiles and the ability to share Bookmarks also known as "dots" this service mirrors others but does include a neat option for bloggers who'd like to publicize their blog amongst their network of friends.

Auto Dotting is super simple for you to set up. Choose your blogs provider, enter your tags, blog info and permissions; shortly thereafter they will start to pull the most recent posts and check your blog every half hour. As soon as you have your blog updated your network will see it as well! Another highlight to this service is the Dot from Anywhere option; its a manual way to "dot" a site just incase you aren't at your computer or do not want to install the software necessary. Give it a try see what people are dotting, check out the "star" rating system and also sort by time if your only interested in the latest dots!!

BlueDot.Us Includes

  • Communities
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Invites for friends and family
  • Ability to view Multiple friends in your network at once
  • View Comments and Share Dots Easily
  • Separate containers for people in your network
  • Easily image selection for your Dot
  • Auto Dotting & Dot Anywhere
  • Star Rating System
  • Filters by Friends, Time or by Everyone

Although I haven't had the time to really dive into this service, so far what I have seen seems pretty nifty. BlueDot.Us is another Social Bookmarking site with a greater emphasizes on the social networking features integrated into it, something to look further into and perhaps see if its the best fit for you.

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