Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ditchin Digg For AOLs Digg Clone!

This past Monday I ran an informal poll on whether or not you'd like to see Digg expand into other niches besides Tech News. So far the "Yes! More Digg for me to Love" is the overall winner. So with that said... I'm wondering if you'd be in favor of switching over and trying out AOL-Netscape new service which is sort of a copy cat version of Digg.

The Netscape version of this social book marking service is still in its beta phase, so you may run into a bump or two while trying it out. For example, when trying to register some field necessary for completion aren't available such as: Birthday, Zip code etc... or you may have to adjust your monitors resolution in order to view the entire page to view see all necessary fields. I'm sure they are working on all of these problems, if they aren't resolved already.

I haven't had a chance to really dig into all the features that Netscape offers but right off the bat there are features that I enjoy, such as the 30 different "Channels" for you to submit your articles to, the "Hot Tags" which add a bit of the "Technorati" feel to the service, and the "Popular Tags and Channels" on the bottom of their page displaying total comments and votes within that category. So what is not so great about this service? All the advertisement on the page, it gives the site a busier than necessary feel to it.

Now its Poll Time!

Will you Ditch Digg for AOL's Digg Clone?
Yes! AOL has 30 Categories to submit to!
No! I only want Tech Based Digg News in my Life.
I will be an AOL-Digger and use both!
I'm confused - Vote for Pedro!
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Read More about the new Netscape service at Calacanis.com

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