Friday, June 02, 2006

New Blog Search Engines...

It's Friday, here are a couple new blog search engines that came out this week... something fun to play with over the weekend.

Ask.com just unveiled this beauty...

Ask.com Blog Search

And it seems to be integrated closely with Ask.com's own Bloglines (one of the more popular blog readers). Michael Arrington got a personal walk thru of the new blog search features by Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone. He gives a nice review here.

The other new blog search engine is...


Again Michael gives us the low down,

"Each results (a blog post) can be commented on at Gnoos, and rated. Total votes up and down for a post are counted and, soon, will be used to determine relevance in later searches. Clicking on the "more" button pulls up the entire post. This seems like an obvious feature and some of the other new blog search engines have it, but Technorati continues to leave this out, forcing a click through to the blog to read the entire post."

Right now, Gnoos is focusing on Australian blogs and blogs with a "global voice" but something tells me that what's good for "down under" could be good for "all over". Maybe if they get enough positive feedback about it they will expand the search to include the rest of us.

Everyone have a good weekend!