Thursday, June 01, 2006

Are Blogs Legitimate News Sources?

Are Bloggers true jounalists? Should blogs just revert back to what many people believe them to be, 'online diaries'? What's the real argument all about?

Recently I was in a discussion with a colleague who believes that blogs are just second hand opinions and ego voices without purpose. He said, if you want news you still go to the sources; newspapers, albeit online newspapers.

And to a degree I agree and to a degree I don't. Today there are just too many topics and too few experts at each major media outlet. For example, any major media source will give you the "news" about yahoo doing something but if you're a real nerd you may want to know what other nerds are saying about it. They may tie in tangents of information and related links that the professional news source left out.

I, of course, am a huge fan of blogs! That goes with out saying. Half of putting this article together was me reading other blogs. I love being able to get news directly from the source such as people who work at companies, or blog keeping travelers, or other women bloggers. I find them insightful and inspiring. They are great reading if you’re an information junkie or simply have an interest in what makes people tick.

So, back to the question are blogs just a place for teenagers and wanna be journalists? Of course not, there are several Influential Bloggers such as Steve Rubel who offer extremely informational blogs for us to benefit from. Why keep the argument on journalists vs. bloggers going? Take from reporters, newspapers, books, magazines, and blogs what information you wish and judge for yourself.

Here are some great, interesting, and fun blogs/sources that influenced this post today in one form or another:


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