Thursday, May 25, 2006

Media Browser- Presented by Amazon

Amazon has developed a new way to keep track, label, share, read, tag all of the media you have purchased from their online store. They have launch their Media Browser. What the Media browser enables you to do is manage physical books, music and video that have been purchased thru Amazon. Tagging your purchases and adding customized information to your items comments, ratings, condition, tracking/location has Amazon users indulging in the web 2.0 experience. According to Steve Rubel "The feature is essentially a Web 2.0 clone of the popular Delicious Library application for the Mac, with one key exception. You can't add something to the browser you didn't purchase on Amazon.com."

What to Expect from Amazons Media Browser:
  • Auto-population on intitial sign in
  • Purchases from years back popping up in your library
  • Eligible to read online notice - as part of the 'upgrade' program announced last year.
  • Easy method to add/view your tags
  • Ability to sort, review, rate and have easy to reference purchase date and price info
  • Two views - one by cover and the other in list format

So far I haven't seen a general Tag cloud on the Amazon site, but you can see tagged items by navigating to "Your Store" and searching for the "Your Tags" and "Items you tagged" then look for what others have tagged similiarly. Ideas, interests and new recommendations are sure to cross every Amazon shopper using tags.

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