Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blacklisted from Pingoat?

Recently I noticed that various blogs including this one had been blacklisted from Pingoat! What was the problem exactly? Not too sure, I recently posted an article about their services being handy and so far with out fail they were always up and running with out a problem. I had yet to have a bad encounter with their pinging service until I got the "blacklisted" message.

To my surprise the problem was solved extremely easily and quickly. Not only do they provide you with the option to email or post in their forum regarding the blacklisted message; but they had the problem solved in no time at all. Apparently this is their way of filtering blogs.

Read more on how Pingoat is becoming user friendly and weeding out the "bad guys" from using their service. Once again I'm impressed with Pingoat and their customer service!

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