Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Video - Share your Videos in just 2 Clicks!

Googles Video Beta service is out and easy to use... according to Google "you're just two clicks away from posting your videos online."

Currently you can use Googles Video Program for all types of video files, there aren't restrictions on a videos length or size. By using their Web Based Video Up loader there is no longer the need to use or install special software to transfer your videos.

Googles Web Base Up Loader

Once your video has been uploaded, you can send the web address of where your video is posted directly to your friends for viewing immediately. Google also has a great interface to help users keep track of their footage online; users can see what footage is in progress, has been rejected, failed and what footage is live.

Although your video is online in virtually no time at all, it will need to be reviewed by Video Search Page editors before its included in Googles Video Searches.

Share your videos in seconds!!!

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