Friday, May 12, 2006

RSS Makes Linking Easy

I love RSS. I love pulling feeds into my Google Personalized Homepage and scanning over my favorite blog and news feed titles. It really helps keep me stay in the know. But one thing that I'm not a big fan of is link building. The amount of time and effort is just such a pain with very little noticeable reward. But times may be turning with the help of LinksBulletin.com.

"LinksBulletin is an online forum and bulletin board system where members meet to establish one way and reciprocal link arrangements to improve Internet visibility."

Basically it's a forum where people can find appropriate and interested link partners. So why is this so different than any other link forum? Remember how I said I love RSS? Well LinksBulletin.com has integrated RSS feeds into the task of link building and check this out...

I can now subscribe to the category that I wish to receive link exchange updates about and be notified right in my RSS reader. In this case I subscribed to "Computer/Internet". So when I'm reviewing the news of the day and glancing across headlines by favorite blogs I can also see if there are any ideal linking partners. It's just sweet. I love RSS.

BTW, if your too busy to bother with finding your own links then contact us. Spider Bait offers link building services that make the whole process painless.

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