Friday, May 05, 2006

Official U.S. launch of MSN AdCenter

On, Thursday, May 4th MSN made the Official U.S. launch of AdCenter at the Seventh Annual MSN Strategic Account Summit in REDMOND, Washington.

"... the company's online advertising platform now serving 100 percent of paid search traffic on Microsoft online properties in the U.S. market."
- Yahoo! Finance

Looks like it has all the basic features you'd want from a pay per click "Ad Center". No features that really stand apart from Yahoo or Google. It is pretty lackluster overall. So since you're going to want to be seen across this network; everyone pull out the credit card... here's another account to set up!

Update (05/08/06):

"Ad-supported software services are an integral part of Microsoft's plans to give consumers access to a broader variety of digital media, whenever they want and on whatever device they prefer,"
- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

If this is true and they will deliver ads along a broader variety of digital media - I'm thinking cell phones, handheld game devices, online web applications - then I need to retract my statement about this being just another lackluster pay per click. We'll see.

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