Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Big Giant Button

An extremely simple interface. That's what the this new site presents, hoping to spark a new found interest on the idea that less is more, the "Button Guy" has taken this concept and launched the site: BigGiantButton!

Simple concept but what is this site about? Well with the Official site launch taking place yesterday its hard to tell in which direction they are heading... But for now its an interesting information portal to sites such as the one that it is being linked to today: MillionDollarHomePage.

Each day a different site will be shown. Click the button and see what site will present itself. The Big Giant Button 'crew' basically picks what ever site they think is interesting: "New technology sites, classic Internet applications, blogs or podcasts we like, goofy stuff, whatever we're in the mood for. As we say, press it and see."

How did this idea/concept come about? Well apparently the inspiration came from the "Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything" they took that idea and put the a spin on it- coming up with a button that does do something. Simple and fun.

Check out what sites are chosen daily!

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