Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MSN Search And Win

Quick reminder for those who haven't taken full advantage of MSNs Search and Win Campaign. Search and Win is coming to an end in April, so check out what the hype is about and don't miss out on your chance to win a prize. Also while there get familiar with the new stuff that Microsoft has to offer.

Other Cool Services to Check out:

Windows Live Local - "Powered by Virtual Earth combines mapping and local search to put the answers to your search questions in a geographical context." A cool additional feature is their scratch pad- this allows you to enter and store information about places you'd like to reference in the future- serves the purpose of an address book intertwined with a map, comes with the option to email or blog the information on your pad.

Wallop - "A research project that explores how people share media and build conversations in the context of social networks." Once the trial period is over you should be able to share photos, blogs, and interact with friends using this service...for now feel free to check it out and see what else is up Microsofts sleeve.

XBox Live - "Get online to chat, play, strategize, and compete with gamers worldwide." Here you can choose your gamer card, picture, motto and lots more!

Windows Live Mail Beta - Sign up using your current hotmail address and await your notification to test out their fresh new sleek twist on the Emailing experience.

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Vista Delayed!!

The much anticipated Vista - the "next generation" of Windows will be delayed. Unfortunately it was scheduled to launch during this years Holiday season, now Microsoft is looking at a January 2007 release date. According to Microsoft they are on track to complete the business availability in November of this year – the delay is in the consumer version of Vista.

According to Microsoft some of Vista Highlights are:

  • Great value to business by seamlessly connecting people to information
  • Enables increased mobile and remote productivity
  • Significantly reducing deployment and support cost
  • Providing a more secure and compliant desktop platform
  • Clarity to the world of personal computing
  • Instantly find what they want
  • Enjoy the latest in technology
  • The ability to stay connected at home or on the go

Microsoft may be disappointing PC vendors who were hoping to have the Vista operating system out on the pre-loaded machines in time for the holiday shopping boom but Microsoft is a bit more concerned with the quality of their product than with meeting deadlines. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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