Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google Page Creator: GoogleCities

Hooray For Google! Yet again Google throws in a goodie for users to take advantage of with their new service "Google Page Creator". This Quick, Easy and Free online tool allows anyone to create and publish web pages in virtually no time at all. This is an extremely simple method to have a personalized live website of your very own.


  • Free webpages
  • Tech Knowledge Not Required
  • Attractive Web Templates
  • Edit Pages right in your browser
  • Adding Pages as simple as a "click-away"
  • Convienent "Tell Your Friends" notification option in the drop down menu
  • Adult content? Simple- that is also a check box / click away

Currently its in its early testing Beta phase and is/will be available to all Gmail users. Due to such a high demand they have limited the "number of new signups" but will be notifying Gmail users as soon as new accounts will be available.

Don't have a Gmail account? Simple sign up to be added on their waiting list and in due time you should be presented with your invitation to utilize their page creator. Once all is said and done you have a personalized web site using your Gmail "user name" in the url and have it hosted on Google servers.

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