Friday, February 17, 2006

Technorati Updates!!!

Technorati has introduced two new services, their "Explore" and "Filter by Authority". Both are user friendly and great tools to navigate thru the world of blogs!


The idea behind this is to familiarize yourself with the hot, new, popular topics in the blogosphere. Simply stated by the Technorati team - "The idea is to use the bloggers that know the most about an area or topic to help spot the interesting trends that may never hit the 'A-list'".

This is a relatively new feature so they are still in the mist of adjusting and modifying it for relevant results. Feel free to try it out and even submit your blog posts! How can you include your blog posts? Simple! Blogs need to be tagged and posts must have tags as well.

Don't over look the ability to subscribe to a feed from any category of Explore; so you can always be in the know of which ever topic you choose.

Filter by Authority : Giving you the power to tune your searches!

Keyword search result pages now have the option to filter the results according to "authority". Technorati is measuring a blogs "authority" by how many people link to the blog. This new option has four settings ranging from any, a little, some or a lot of authority. Simple concept to grasp, easy slider to manipulate and an easy method to filter your results. To sum up what the purpose behind this new feature Technorati says it best with: "The authority filter is a tool to fine tune results, and its a great way to zoom in on the voices that are commanding the most attention, and then zoom back out and listen to the whole diverse medium that is the blogosphere."

For the latest Technorati news check out their weblog!

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