Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Keyword Focus

Focus: Obtain the most effective keywords for your companies products or services.

Identifying and utilizing targeted keywords requires time, research and maintenace. Once you pin-point your primary target, focus on what possible phrases your potential customers are using to find your business or service. Undoubtedly people use different words to describe things in different ways, so take your time and figure out which angle you will take to attract customers/visitors to your site.

Also keep in mind that your primary goal is to zone in on "customer terms" not "industry terms", this is an important yet over looked detail when developing your target keyword list . Simply ask yourself, what phrase(s) would a consumer look for? Simple enough, right?

So, to better assist you with your research, here are a couple of great keyword research tools: wordtracker and 7Search Suggestion; both offer easy to read, simple to use interfaces for your keyword research needs.

Optimal Keywords should ideally help you achieve:

  • Attracting traffic to your website- by focusing on specific keywords people use when searching
  • Great Website content- once you have the words you plan to use, incorporate those terms into your sites content.
  • Once you have your wide range of keywords and content inplace, you may want to focus on a pay-per-click campaign- to capture your target audience.
  • Potential Online Market- using the number of searches conducted on your service or product
  • Better identify the potential size of the online market, based on number of searches conducted
  • Opportunity to develop new "revenue stream" by utilizing popular "keywords" to jump start new service or product ideas.

By careful planning out which keywords and phrases you will incorporate into your pages and placing them strategically, you can dramatically improve your sites ranking and visitor click-thrus.

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