Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Windows Live Expo

Microsoft is getting their new "online marketplace and social networking site" ready for the grand unveiling. You can access information about Windows Live Expo along with a screenshot preview.

What's the grand concept behind their new service? Well it takes an interesting approach to the whole web2.0 social networking angle. Its rumored that this will give Craigslist a blast of competition, so far seems like Microsoft is an "ultra hi tech" version of Craigslist.

This service, according to Microsoft will supply users with:

  • Free ads that are easy to post
  • Browse through a wide range of categories ranging from merchandise,events, personals and services
  • Keep your dealings within a trusted network like your MSN Messenger Buddies, friends or co-workers; or open them up to anyone
  • Find listings just in your area, nationwide or anywhere in between
  • Add your listings to your MSN Space with one easy click
  • Get detailed maps and directions for things like garage sales, homes for sale or concerts
  • Communicate with people via MSN Messenger right from Expo's site

For instant notification as to when this service will be available, they have conveniently supplied a sign-up box for you to enter your information, and as soon as its available in your area they will notify you. Feel free to check out the team expos blog as well for any up to date information.

It will be interesting to see how well this takes off, its not an entirely new idea, but with a trusted name behind it - it may already have the benefit of the doubt with a wide range of users.

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