Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogging Trends!

Blogs: outlets, credibility, voice in your field, therapeutic, financial gains, whatever the rhyme or reason behind them, here are some numbers to give you an insight as to how people are utilizing them.

Numbers do vary depending on surveys but the studies below should give you a better understanding of how blogs are growing.

According to Technorati Survey Results 10/2005

  • 34% primarily blog to be seen as an authority in their field.
  • Over 50% blog about companies at least once per week.
  • 63% believe blogs are the most trustworthy source of product information.
  • Over 98% take steps to correct factually incorrect portions of a blog post.
  • Over 80% prefer to receive information from non-executives.
  • Blogs of individual employees are considered more trustworthy than blogs endorsed by a corporation.

An AOL 2005 Survey identified the following as blog trends and purposes:

  • 48.7% Serves as Therapy
  • 40.8% A method to keep in touch with Family and Friends
  • 28.7% Improve their writing skills
  • 20.7% Because my friends, family or colleagues do
  • 16.2% Interested in journalism
  • 15.7% It's the latest trend
  • 11.8% To stay ahead of the news or gossip curve
  • 7.5% To expose political information
  • 3.3% Information on the Web doesn't fulfill my needs
  • 3.2% Hope it brings fame or notoriety