Friday, January 06, 2006

The "Search Year" Starts With CES 2006

The biggest talk in the search engine world today is definitely the CES (consumer electronics show in Los Vegas). Why the hype? Because it's the first time many of the big players in the Search world have chosen to make a show at this annual event.

Yahoo has come out with a bold Web 2.0 stance saying things like "Personally I think walled gardens are a thing of the past" when referencing their new Yahoo "Dashboard" and talking about the new line of "Yahoo Go Products" are built on an open platform. A good review on Engadget.com gives further insight into the vibe of Yahoo's Keynote at CES 2006.

Google announced this morning that a partnership has been developed between Motorola and themselves that will integrate Google search functionality more closely with the mobile devices. Also, much anticipation has abounded about an expected announcement regarding the "Google Box". "Google Box" is a term speculators have given to a theoretical device that Google may be developing for use by consumers in the home. The device has been suggested to be everything from a low cost PC to an advanced media extender allowing, for example, many home electronic devices to connect to the family PC and thus the Internet. One use of such a feature would be to access and buy downloadable TV programs online and watch them directly on a television. But so far the news is null.

Regardless of what is just speculation keep your eyes and ears pointed at the CES 2006 this year to provide some interesting forecasts into the future of Search and Technology.