Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google Mapping out the Coupons!

Lets say that your looking for the quickest way to get that new restaurant in the city; of course you jump on Google maps to find it right? So now picture this....not only are you able to get directions, website url, phone number, reviews and an abundance of other information, but now Google is also working on presenting us with 'Google Coupons' to that restaurant or other business as well.

Not too shabby of an incentive to get local shoppers accustomed to using the Google Map service! We'll see how local business utilize this to attract the hard to reach "online" shoppers, this can be another way to market your company's brand and tap into the hard to reach online audience. Google plans to "encourage" businesses to create their own coupons using templates and if local shops do not have a website, that isn't a problem, coupons are still up for the making! This can hopefully boost sales for smaller, local businesses as well as offer discounts for shoppers, all while increasing traffic for Google Maps.

Soon you'll be able to get directions on your map AND have your coupon in hand!
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