Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Analytics for All!

The "Wait List" has been removed and all who have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on Google Analytics can feel free to sign up now!

Whats so great about Analytics? Well here is a quick rundown for those who aren't familiar with this service:

  • Ability to view the keywords that attract your visitors
  • Insight as to where your traffic is coming from
  • Visits by source break downs
  • Daily visitors and pageviews
  • Percentage of new visitors vs returning visitors
  • Great Geo Map Overlay that enables you to see where your visitors are located
  • Top 5 sources , Top 5 Keywords and Top 5 Campaigns break down
  • Percentage of visitors that are from Referrals, Organic or Direct to your site
  • Quick way to integrate and track your Adwords and other non-Adwords services
  • Its Free

Personally I love this service! It has given me easy to read information, great insight as to how to alter my content or which keywords seems to be the most popular therefore providing me with feedback as to what is working! Sign up for you account and take advantage of all the information analytics has to offer!

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