Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vista Delayed!!

The much anticipated Vista - the "next generation" of Windows will be delayed. Unfortunately it was scheduled to launch during this years Holiday season, now Microsoft is looking at a January 2007 release date. According to Microsoft they are on track to complete the business availability in November of this year – the delay is in the consumer version of Vista.

According to Microsoft some of Vista Highlights are:

  • Great value to business by seamlessly connecting people to information
  • Enables increased mobile and remote productivity
  • Significantly reducing deployment and support cost
  • Providing a more secure and compliant desktop platform
  • Clarity to the world of personal computing
  • Instantly find what they want
  • Enjoy the latest in technology
  • The ability to stay connected at home or on the go

Microsoft may be disappointing PC vendors who were hoping to have the Vista operating system out on the pre-loaded machines in time for the holiday shopping boom but Microsoft is a bit more concerned with the quality of their product than with meeting deadlines. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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