Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Favorite Blogs and Web-Sites

The end of the year review....what better time to share Favorite Blogs and Web-Sites. Therefore I have listed informational, interesting and just plain ol'amusing sites for you to review and enjoy.

Google Blog

Needless to say a very informative blog with links to other Google services and links to what the Googleits are reading themselves. Also very helpful are the links to blogs from other Googlers. Here is a Fantastic method of trying to keep yourself on top of things in the Blogging world.

Googler "Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO"

A fresh blog with interesting easy to read insights as to what is going on in the Google hub. You have a human voice behind it all and this is easily portrayed in the daily posts.

Yahoo Blog

Of course here you can find the latest hype regarding new services or ideas going on in the Yahoo world. They too have a tremendous section dedicated to industry sources that are well worth checking out.

Yahoos own "Jeremy Zawodnys"

Filled with random ideas, thoughts and articles Yahoos own Jeremy Z. has a blog very much worth taking note of.


Here you can find stories that users submit for review by other users. It's a great way to see what articles others are find interesting and since promotion is based on user reviews it normally delivers cool articles.


This site has the best gadgets that are either out on the market or soon due to be released. Always worth browsing and not to be overlooked is the section dedicated to the "Most Commented On"(60 days).


Fantastic blog dedicated to posting the latest gossip - tabloid- media news which self claims to be reporting from the center of the universe. Soon available will be their email newsletter-keep checking back to see when that is released.


Tags, blogs, real-time search engine! This is what Technorati is all about. A notable section well worth checking out is the Top 100 Blogs.

WebSiteServices Magazine

Blog designed to provide helpful, valuable "net info" geared towards website owners. This is a sensational source of information for the latest business trends, industry insights and practices.


Yet another blog with interesting, but perhaps not so life changing information. Here you can find what oddities are being auctioned off on Ebay and other misc. auction sites. Always interesting to see what's up for sale!


Very curious and interesting articles. For quick reading material on odd, interesting, cool off beat material this site is a must see. Their self description may best describe it: "A Directory of Wonderful Things".


With so much information out there this a beneficial site to reference for quick recommendations on valid, useful downloads and shortcuts to make life easier.


Its all about the secrets on this blog. Whether you have a secret or just looking to read other peoples secret...this site is worth scanning thru for funny, weird, disturbing, entertaining and shocking - otherwise private thoughts.


This site is absolutely fabulous. Discovering new music based on artists or songs that you currently like is what this site is all about. Their goal is to help you discover new tunes that you will love.


One of the fastest growing social networking sites on the web, Flickr serves as a portal to personal pictures posted and tagged by users for others to scan thru and enjoy. Digital photography as a means to join or create new groups based on images. Its fantastic and a bit addictive.


Entertaining , simple, free web based games can be found here. These are simple goofy games designed for silly amusement.