Monday, December 19, 2005

Google Holiday Goodies

Googles Gmail Mobile and Google Music are just two holiday treats that they have to offer their users.

Gmail Mobile
Now with the launch of Gmail Mobile users have the advantage of checking their Gmail with a sleek new cell phone interface. For the most part Google mobile has tested their services with a wide range of phones, check to see if your phone has been tested and is compliant. If your model is not listed yet, check back shortly; additional phones are tested and added periodically.
Highlights to Gmail mobile:

  • A great user friendly "optimized interface"
  • Allows users to open attachments to emails i.e. pictures, word documents etc...
  • A great option to reply to emails by calling the people (if their numbers are listed in your contact list)

Google Music

Now finding information on a particular artist or song has gotten a bit simpler. Google Music now offers a simple solution to finding an artist, song, album and options as to where to buy the music. This music search service also incorporates music reviews for better