Tuesday, November 29, 2005

RSS Promotion

RSS Feeds have dramatically improved website(s) traffic. Creating your own RSS would prove beneficial by allowing you to reach out and collect traffic from alternative untapped sources; you can reach target audiences who are interested in what your site has to offer. In an ideal situation you'd like to have a stream of continually growing subscribers to your site. So what can you do to profit from this new "revolution"? Well a key factor is knowing how to properly promote your feed in order to grasp quality traffic that will produce long time subscribers.

Promotion Pointers:

  • Make it simple to subscribe to your feed. Supply different options for users to add/subscribe to your feed (i.e. My Yahoo, My Msn, etc.), this may become a determining factor for a portion of your audience.
  • Include a small section on your site explaining what a feed is and how it can be beneficial to your audience.
  • Write articles. This is an excellent way for you to get quality visitors to your blog. Not only would this demonstrate that you are an expert in your field but it will also enable readers/subscribers to come to trust you and your writings. Once you have written articles be creative in the way you go about distributing them. Submit your articles to online "article" directories that make it possible for others to find your writings. Do include a short "bio" at the end of your article and provide a link to your rss feed for the sake of promotion.
  • Submission- Submission-Submission! Keep up with new directories and submit your feed. Online directories will always draw in possible subscribers looking for information that you have to offer. There are many places to submit to: article directories, feed specific search engines and niche directories of course. For the most part submissions are free and are definitely worth your time.
  • Promote your feed using emails! Emails have the ability to give that extra push to your blog. Simply add a small excerpt with information to your feed in the signature of your email, with this you are increasing your chances at exposure and possible new subscribers.
  • Content! Over and over again you will come across the importance of adding fresh content to your blog. Fresh content will keep your readers interested and possibly pass the word to others. RSS feeds need to attract both new subscribers as well as keep old subscribers interested in what you have to offer. Try new angles see what marketing techniques work- always try something new. Test and see what does and doesn't work. Subscribers are sure to follow shortly.