Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Base : Web-Based Database

Google is now offering a free service by the name of "Google Base" for users to enter content, products, services that will be "searchable" online regardless if you have a website or images of your own. This new service has been described as a
"searchable storehouse of user-contributed material" by the Washington Post.

Google Base offers:

1. Easy submission for "all types of online and offline content" as long as its compliant with Googles standards. (Review Banned items and content)
2. Google Base allows users to contribute and give an online presence to any item, service or information they have to offer with out the need of an existing website.
3. Items submitted will also be included in other Google sections such as:Google, Froogle and Google Local, depending on relevance.
4. Google base allows users to contribute "attributes" to your content, the idea behind this is to help users locate it .
5. Google Base options include:Labels- keywords or phrases to describe/classify your items/service/product. Also included is a section of "Attributes" which consist of phrases/words you'd like to include on your listing to describe your item.

To submit, visit Google Base its free, simple and quick to complete.