Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo! Podcasts

Yesterday, Yahoo! released the 1st beta version of their new podcasting service. The Yahoo podcasting service allows users to search, find, listen online, download, and subscribe to podcasts.

According to Geoff Ralston - Yahoo's CPO, "...we want to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have a podcast we're going to find you, and if we haven't found you then you can come to our website and give us your RSS feed and we'll get it into our index within 24 hours."

With iTunes, and now Yahoo!, embracing the podcasting platform the future looks bright for the medium. Are Podcast Marketing solutions right around the corner? Maybe they are already here.

Earlier this year Toyota Motor Sales USA's Lexus division signed a deal to sponsor for 26 weeks the podcasts at KCRW, a public radio station in California. The deal was based on a cost per download of the program. So no more waiting. It's already started. Do you have your podcast marketing strategy ready to go?