Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google's New Sensation: Blog Search

Google has unveiled their Blog Search Engine. This specialized blog search engine allows users to search for blogs in multiple languages including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese currently there are up to 35 languages supported. They have a couple of different interfaces for users to go about their blog search. The Google style interface is blogsearch.google.com, the Blogger interface is: search.blogger.com, alternatively you can also make use of the blogger dashboard and the 'navbar' on any blog spot blog.

Besides the standard method of searching, Blog Search also supports the following "search operators"

  • Inblogtitle:
  • Inposttitle:
  • Inpostauthor:
  • Blogurl:

Alternatively the 'advanced search' option has the same choices for users to pin point their search(s). Currently Google is indexing Blogs in any format of published feeds and blogs that are currently set up to an automatic ping updating service. Shortly Google will have their separate method of manual submissions.

Yahoo's My Web

Recently Yahoo released its beta version of "My Web" which is their take on a "social search engine". Yahoo's "My Web" incorporates tags and RSS feeds to their social/blog search engine, while offering personalized mapping of favorite places, shared pages that are event-related and advanced search options revolving around the tagging concept for "My Web".

Yahoos MyWeb has picked-up on the tagging concept and developed a search engine that connects friends and web communities to one another. Tagging and saving online content enables users to locate information instantly for easier access the next time around; while at the same time utilizing articles tagged as referrals for others searching for similar content. MyWeb grants users the option of creating "personal searchable web" which is useful to share the cool information found online with your friends and others with similar interests. The train of thought behind this probably stems from the fact that more often than not you're likely to rely on your friends' opinions and views on things than random misc. findings. Myweb has taken the hassle out of copy and pasting information to send in an email and placed it in a searchable-tagged format for easy viewing and sharing.

So while tagging and personal searchable web environments may not be for you, the offspring from this entire self-publishing concept illustrates the growing phenomenon of blogs. It's surely to get more interactive and mainstream, lets wait and see how influential this syndication becomes.