Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Affordable SEO Services

The way we approach SEO is very practical and direct. Search engines rank sites based on keywords found in linking text pointed toward a website from other websites. So for example, if 100 sites link to a client's website with the linking text "spas in myrtle beach" then that site should show on the first page of most search engines for that term within a couple months. This assumes that no other site has more links with the same linking text.

The real trick is in identifying the best keywords. "Myrtle beach barber" may be what a site is about but if the keyword receives zero monthly searches then there is no reason to target it in our link building campaigns. Also, the keyword "myrtle beach" itself may be highly competitive and therefore require many more links before the first page of results can be reached. So the goal is to identify words that get traffic, are relevant, and are not overly competitive so that we can then conduct a link building campaign that is not expensive but that delivers results.

Our SEO Basic package is low cost and preps a site for our link building campaigns. What happens during the SEO Basic phase is that we perform keyword research, make minor modifications to a client's site to help search engines understand it's theme, we add sitemaps (normal and Google XML), and we submit to popular and influential directories like DMOZ, Jayde, ExactSeek, etc. When we submit to the directories we use specific titles and descriptions as well as specific linking text to begin developing an "off site" consensus of what your site's topic and keywords are about. This "off site" labeling of your site by directories works the same as normal link building in that it provides search engines with outside validation that your site is actually about what you say it's about.

After the Basic SEO is complete we move on to the actual link building campaign. This campaign builds between 5 and 10 links per month. As the number of links grows and as the search engines begin to recognize these links your "organic" rankings should move upward toward the first page of the search engine results.

If this straight forward approach to SEO allows us to be an affordable solution to many small businesses.

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