Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yahoo's Specialized Search Engine

Yahoo! Audio Search

We are all familiar with the standard search engine that will produce results according to keywords listed for a search inquiry. Earlier Yahoo released its beta form of 'Yahoo's Mindset', which ideally should produce results associated with the users interests, weeding out the Commercial VS. the Informational sites to provide better results. Upon trying to better-fit products to its audience, Yahoo has now touched upon the Audio material out there, and has released a beta form of their new "Yahoo! Audio Search" for their specialized search engine. Currently Yahoo! Music enables users to search thru music available in their library, but with Yahoo! Audio search you not only have access to Yahoo's library but several others as well.

Yahoo's approach to the search engine arena has stepped upon popular ground of the audio industry along with the new audio fascination with pod casting and the ever so needed misc. sound file. This specialized search engine is your best resource for locating popular music or those hard to find albums, interviews, speeches, newscasts, pod casts and includes a huge library full of various sound files. Since Yahoo Audio Search utilizes over 15 different sources for music which includes but is not limited to: iTunes Music Store, Napster, Rhapsody and Yahoo's Music Unlimited you can rely on this audio search engine to be your primary source for audio needs.

Yahoo's development of this specialty search engine is a convenient one stop tool that enables users to locate music files, pod casts and sound files easily within one central location. This too can help give podcasts/podcasters a boost in popularizing their medium; due to the fact that curious users may be inclined to click on the pod casts tab to see what results popped up thru that outlet; the exposure would be a great benefit for the pod casting community.

Also as an added benefit to their users, Yahoo has incorporated the option to save audio files to users "My Web" page for easy access at a later time. Since this audio can be added to your web page or better yet to folders within your web page, this enables users to access any speech, song, sound bit, news cast or pod cast from any computer at any given time. Yahoo's Audio Search method of refining a search makes it easy to access the files you are searching for, users can tweak their queries by Song, Artist, Album or also by selecting the tabs above the search results specifying pod casts or other audio. If you are seeking a specific format you may choose "More Options" and select: format, duration and source for your file. Incorporated is the option that allows users to have audio results provided to them solely thru specific audio providers of choice, this is great for users who have a preference towards a certain provider.

In the process of trying to offer a central location for easy access to audio content, Yahoo! Audio Search also offers the option of 'allowing' audio publishers to submit their feed(s) free of charge thru the 'Media RSS submission service'. This service is a great way to connect small publishers to users who otherwise may not have found their audio feeds.

Check out Yahoo! Audio Search and see what the hype is all about!