Friday, July 29, 2005

Blog Directories

There are numerous ways to get your Blog noticed. One simple method of creating an audience for your blog is simply by submitting your blog to directories. The more directories you have your blog in the better your chances are of people subscribing to them.

Submitting to Blog Directories is fairly simple. Read the guidelines and follow the submitting requirements. Although you may immediately show up in some directories, there are others which will take a few days to verify your blog, so it will be a while before you see your blog in their results. If a reciprocal listing is required on your blog be sure to include that prior to submission of your site.

Listed are Blog directories which are available for free submission or require reciprocal links.

Blog Catalog:

FindingBlog: FindingBlog - Blog Directory

Bloggernity: blog search directory

Blog Street:

BlogWise: Blogwise - blog directory

SynBlog: SynBlog.com - Blog Directory



Get Blogs: Find Blogs in the Blog Directory

BlogSweet: blogsweet

Bulletize: bulletize

Blogbib: blogbib


Listed at All-Blogs.net directory

The Blog Directory


Blog Directory

Blog Directory
Web blogs are added daily.


We Blog A Lot


Weblog Directory - Directory of blogs from all around the world.






Most the these directories have a free registration process which you must complete prior to submission, so keep your title, description, keywords and your websites complete URL handy and be sure to keep record of user names and passwords you create during registration. You may need them in the future for editing.