Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Search Engine Submissions: Guideline & Tips

A primary/initial step for your website to gain exposure is simply by submitting it to various directories and search engines. This may seem simple enough, yet it is a time consuming process, which should be done carefully. Each directory and search engine has put forth guidelines which must be followed for inclusion. However, once a website has been accepted there will be a variable amount of time until the site will be included in search results and the ranking will vary. Although there is no sure fire way to get a site to the # 1 spot there are some basic steps to follow when submitting.

Following are tips for Submission(s):

  1. Make a list of topic specific directories and search engines that you are interested in.
  2. Read the guidelines. There can be penalties relating to submissions if not followed accordingly.
  3. Rules and regulations are also a key point to review carefully. Be sure that your site and or content meet criteria for submission. Modify your site if needed prior to submission.
  4. If you must register your site or create an account prior to submission, keep track of login information and passwords created; you will need this for any future editing to your sites listing.
  5. Take note of any charges that are related to different types of submissions offered, they could vary depending on search engines.
  6. Do a bit of research on a particular directory or search engine. Look at what others are doing in similar categories as your company/ website. Take note and perhaps compare how your site measures up.
  7. Spend time developing a description for your site. Be as specific as possible focusing on keywords that are popular yet not too competitive and essential for results.
  8. Site Verification. Although there is not a set amount of time for listing, nor a guarantee for a listing at all, periodically check directories and search engines for your sites inclusion. Be patient with this last step, it can take a while for your site to appear in results. Time varies depending on directory and search engines.

If you have done all that is possible for your site or would like to have experienced professionals review and offer alternatives; Spiderbait offers many services for website optimization. We can evaluate your site and steer you in the right direction. This would be a great way to jump-start your sites ranking and results. Although results aren't guaranteed to be in the top 10, SEO professionals can always pinpoint keywords, phrases and enrich your sites content to better fit what your audience would be searching.