Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Link Building Importance

Companies have been on a roller coaster ride trying to figure out what is important, what is needed or how to accomplish top search engine rankings. Trying to pinpoint one scheme or method to achieve this is not the best way to go about it. There are several methods to consider from Web Site Optimization, Directory submissions, Blogging, Keyword Research, New Web Page Creation, Content Modification and Link Building just to name a few. Every now and then we are bombarded with why one method is more effective than another, for the most part a combination of strategies is the way to go; for now we will focus on why link building is an important and effective way to advertise your business and climb in page ranking.

1. Link Building can be viewed as a quick and affordable method to advertise your company as well as climb in page ranks. Utilizing a company for your link campaign is sure to get your text link results with a much quicker turn over rate than attempting to get text links yourself. The quicker you attain inbound links the faster your page ranking should climb. Since inbound links are seen as a 'vote' or recommendation of sorts from another website, search engines take into account the actual number of new web pages that link to your web page and figure that the site is important, therefore deserves a higher ranking.

2. Link Exchanges are an important tool in trying to get your web site to climb in page rankings since search engines detect how many links are linking to your site- the more links going in your direction the higher your popularity and page rank. Although this process can take time and become frustrating it is essential to get as many inbound links to see results.

3. Links Text itself is a variable many people overlook when building their links. The best link text that can be used is one that uses keywords. Determine the keyword that makes the most sense for your index page (and for any other pages towards which you wish to build links) then request inbound links using those words as the link instead of just your URL or business name. Using keywords in linking text will pass on meaning to the search engines that your site should be displayed in search results for those words.

4. Link Selection is also something to be selective about; search engines can detect whether or not you have a relevant link or simply a variety of links that do no pertain to your business or services. Since your links out are something you can control and you actively are casting a vote of confidence towards another web site then do what you can to stay away from link farms and sites that aren't relevant to yours. These links will do your site more harm than good in rankings.

Companies should consider a link campaign instead of trying to accomplish this themselves for many reasons. Link campaigns will save your company time; show results much quicker and will provided relevant links. Unless time and money aren't a factor for your business, outsourcing this task would be the quickest and most affordable method to advertise your company.

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