Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Company Blogs: Great Marketing Tools!

As time consuming as a blog may be, the rewards that come along with it can be beneficial on multiple levels. Business blogs have become a very effective, popular and widely noticed marketing tool for a variety of reasons; one being the number of updates constantly received to keep the content fresh, informative and up-to-date, also the informal and participatory method of communication with their customers adds a human element back into the mix of things. Blogs have opened the door to once again give corporations a way to re-connect with their audience and build a relationship of sorts thru their bloggers. Bloggers play a vital role in marketing and building customer relations, with the human element throw back into the field customers will be more open to reading about services or new products companies have to offer with out disregarding it as simply another commercial or scheme to get one to buy.

Business blogs have recently transformed into a hard impact-marketing tool because it enhances the relationship between readers and companies. Blogs offer a different approach for customers to learn about your services and products. Since blogs come across as a conversational and informative piece of material, it is believed that bloggers establish relationships with your customers; so commentary with new information aids in keeping your clients interested in what your company has to offer.

Contrary to popular belief- bloggers are very much so part of the companies communication and marketing team. Blogs are an extension of the company and their services. Although blogs are much more informal than traditional marketing outlets, bloggers should be trained to communicate effectively with your audience. Identifying the right person in a company to blog about services, products, promotions and upcoming products is key when trying to establish your ideal blog. Keep in mind that bloggers may inadvertently 'blow a companies cover' buy giving out a little too much company information during a posting, for this reason guidelines should be established. Since bloggers represent your company, establish what your business would like to focus on and equally important is to have content that is written effectively, so writers or editors would ideally play a role in the blogging phenomenon.

Relationships build great company loyalty and trust; and blogs have become part of the link that will aid companies to re-establish this connection.