Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SEO Expert

Many people have been burned by supposed SEO experts and it usually plays out like this; SEO Expert offers to get top rankings for client. Client accepts. Rankings are achieved. No traffic comes to the website.

What went wrong? No one searches for the keywords that the SEO Expert used in the optimization. Nice rankings but totally ineffective from a marketing perspective.

Spiderbait takes a different approach. We offer our clients professional keyword research. The research we do enables clients to see what people are actually searching on the web. We show the exact phrases used by potential consumers interested in our client's products and services and then develop a workable online marketing strategy that involves ethical and effective optimization.

Being a professional SEO Expert means more than just optimizing for the website's domain name. It means understanding the basic principles and goals of web marketing. Spiderbait has been involved in web marketing for almost a decade and is backed by 7Search.com, a premier pay per click search network.

Online marketing is what we do and SEO techniques are only one avenue. Contact one of our business relations professionals today to find out how SpiderBait's SEO Expert team can help your online business a success.