Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Really Simple Syndication

RSS, also known as Real Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, serves as a program that will route articles of interest to a target market audience. RSS collects information from an abundance of resources and distributes them over the web. Individuals with an RSS reader are able to indulge themselves with information that is of interest to them simply by customizing their reader to search for specific categories, keywords or topics. The magic behind RSS is simple, when a site, journal or new source updates their content; the headlines are then fed into the reader. So with all the information located in one central hub, people are able to locate interest specific articles efficiently.

An advantage of RSS is that there is not a limited amount of resources to collect information from. Publishers have grown to view RSS as a way to eliminate Spam, filtering and list management. Once publishers were in the mindset of RSS taking traffic away from their websites, when in fact RSS directs people to their publications. Publication resources range from blogs, forums, journals, articles and various other news outlets. Individuals customize their readers to search for keywords, topics of interest or specialty searches such as jobs, multi-media or other customizable options. Readers will sense a change in an article or related news journal, then disperses them accordingly.

My yahoo.com and my.msn.com are two popular web based RSS readers. They allow users to customize their settings according to what peaks their interest. RSS enables sites that are rich in content and related subject matter a step up in getting their information out to their audience. In turn readers no longer have to swim thru pools of news articles that are unrelated to their interests to find interest related news.

Feedster.com is a search engine dedicated to RSS. Feedster works by searching thru out web logs and various other mainstream and not so popular websites for content that is close to your interest range. They believe that "Everything that is timely and valuable on the web will be available as an RSS feed".