Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blogs Roles in the SEO Game

Blogs, commonly overlooked, are becoming a key component of the Web Marketing and SEO optimization side of businesses. Recently business blogs have come into the spotlight due to their ranking boost, easy accessibility and virtually non-technical method of operation. Once viewed as an on-line journal or diary of sorts, businesses are realizing that this may be another stone left unturned for affordable targeted web traffic. Although a business blog is not a guarantee for placement in search engines, it does possess the power to give a website ranking a boost.

Contrary to the popular belief of a few months ago, blogs are an effective means of attaining a jump in page ranking. Why exactly do blogs serve as a great tool in climbing up the page ranks? One idea stems from the fact that Search Engines love new content. Blogs provide fresh, commonly themed content. Static sites, in contrast, only offer the original content they were designed to display.

Blogs that are kept up-to-date and adhere to a simple theme should do well. Do keep in mind that search engines are aware that blogs are taking leaps in the page ranks and have smartened up on spammed themed blogs and the overuse of text links in blogs, so keep it simple, informative and clean.

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