Monday, March 14, 2005

A New Look for SpiderBait

Today marks a major change for one of the oldest Internet Marketing companies on the web, SpiderBait.com. Along with the addition of a new web design, SpiderBait.com also brings forward a new batch of search engine marketing services that target the needs of modern web businesses.

For example, Yahoo Inclusion Services which allow websites to optimize without changing or modify the content of their pages. This is a perfect way to optimize flash pages or pages with very little text. In addition, SpiderBait.com has added a new line of customized reports that give detailed information about what strategies a competitor is using and what keywords to target for maximum effectiveness.

Another new service offered by the SpiderBait team is Link Discovery. This service does not simply find link partners but rather high caliber link partners. With only a handful of these high quality links clients can expect to see there rankings improve.

Looking back, SpiderBait started as a test of skill. The company based its early success on the success of its clients. If a Spiderbait.com client failed so did Spiderbait. Today, not so much has changed. SpiderBait still places its own success on the well being of its clients.

If you are interested in further information about what SpiderBait can do for your business then please contact us.

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Best Regards,
SpiderBait Team