Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Search Engine Optimization: Useful Tools

Getting the most out of your website and checking its status has become easier now that free SEO tools are available online for your use. There are many ways for you to check the optimization, ranking status and compare your site against others with the easy to use tools listed below.

URLTrends is a great site for you to look into to gage your websites traffic trends. Here you can see your past and current Google PageRank and Alexa Rank along with overall incoming links and a break down of where they are coming from, whether its from Google, Yahoo, MSN or Alexa. This also takes into account possible overlapping and supplies you with an estimate of how many are unique links. A major plus this tool has is the ability to subscribe to "changes" in the results- it's a great way to monitor your site with out having to manually check it yourself.

This site has tools ranging from Http Viewer, Spiders View, Keyword density analyzer tool and Search Engine position checker. A fantastic option this site has is the Spiders View of how search engine spiders see your site. It will display exactly what the spiders are catching and disregard the rest of your page, therefore providing you with a better idea of how you might want to alter your site for better spidering results. The Search Engine checker has options, which allows you to check your sites against your competitors and compare the positions with your choice of key phrase. All the tools on this site are pretty self explanatory, included are brief summaries providing you direction/purpose of each tool.

For a past view of websites feel free to search thru possible archived versions of the site. Simply bookmark this site and select it at each site you wish to view past versions of.

Included in this site are Keyword Density Analyzer, Comparison reports for up to 5 Urls and Keyword Density Comparison Results for Googles top 10 sites. Free registration is required for access to the Comparison report tool, the others are ready to go and will supply you with results in a matter of seconds.

Free Search Engine Tools on this site are the Meta Tag and Keyword Analyzer, Page Snooper, Link Popularity Checking, Meta Tags Generator and Keyword Suggestion tool. All are very simple to use and useful!

SEOCompany Tools
This site is amongst one of the most comprehensive pages with SEO tools; listed is an extensive collection of tools in one easy to navigate location. Here you can find an Internal Page Rank tool, which supplies you with your Google Page Rank results for all pages on your site, Dmoz Listing Checker tool which comes in handy to quickly check your listing on the DMOZ Directory and not to be overlooked is the section dedicated different tool bars. This site offers not only one or two versions of tools but a number of different versions of tools for the same purpose, enabling users to choose the tool they feel most comfortable with and go from there. Along with variety this site also has a section dedicated to tools voted "best tool" monthly and yearly. Not to be missed though is a link for the top directories; they too are batched up according to paid inclusions, most links per web directories and other niches.

This site has over 100 tools to help you get information relating to your site including links, cache, blogs, tracking, posts, related pages and various other miscellaneous tools. For the most part all you need to to is type in your URL and choose the tab with the tool you'd like to use and all information relating to your page will be displayed. If you need further assistance or explanation regarding a tool, there is an info link at the end of each set of tools for you to use as your reference point.

For a Quick reference point on Google and Yahoo utilize the two links below and check your ranking.

Google Ranking supplies you with your rank from the top 40-1000 results for any given keyword. This tool does require you to use a free Google API key; on the site it will direct you towards attaining one if you currently do not have one.

Yahoo Search Rankings
For a quick reference check, you can utilize this tool to see how your site is ranking on Yahoo for any keyword of choice. This will list your sites ranking if it is within the top 1000 results.


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