Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Personalized Homepage - Googles Version

Google has joined the Personalized Homepage forces with the introduction of their own version. Among some of the preview options offered for Googles home page are:

  • Gmail-with an adjustable preview option allowing up to 9 messages to be previewed.
  • Stock Market- checkable options include Dow, Nasdaq, NYSE and S&P 500 along with an optional fill-in field.
  • New York Times - with a range of 1-9 stories to be headlined/previewed
  • BBC News - option of 1-9 stories to be headlined/previewed
  • Google News - adjustable range of 1-9 stories to be headlined/previewed
  • Weather
  • Wired News - personalized range of 1-9 stories to be headlined/previewed
  • Slashdot -giving a range of 1-9 posts to be headlined/previewed a.k.a news for nerds
  • Movies - with a zip code input option to view local listings
  • Driving Directions - coincides with Google maps providing visual satellite images and distance with directions to and from locations input.
  • Quote of the Day - with the option to choose from 1-9 quotes to be displayed - which will deliver quotes from quotations page.com site.
  • Word of the Day - Delivers a word with definition and option to be linked to the words meaning under dictionary.com for further explanation

All of the personalization options available for Google's homepage have editable options in which you can either hide or view the products offered. Advanced features are "pull down" menus with adjustable numbers allowing a user to adjust the number of displayed stories / posts shown on the homepage. Additionally, Google has incorporated a feature that allows their users to drag and drop the categories on the interface for easy, adjustable, user-friendly layout modifications. Your Google homepage can easily be altered to better fit your needs and tastes. All options are either click and choose or simply pull down options with the occasional plug "zip code" field- saving your personalized changes.

How can Google become your personalized homepage of choice? Simply sign up using your Gmail account or setting up a new Google account using your existing email and creating a password, this will give you access to Googles personalized homepage and other services offered.

Googles Personalized Homepage